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Services Offered

We are website designers and also have extensive experience in photography and work with digital image files. We use a selection of equipment including flatbed scanners, dedicated negative scanners with infrared scratch removal and calibrated photography studio setups.


  • Photo Scanning.

  • Negative / Slide scanning

  • Image tagging

  • Large format digitization.(ie newspapers)

  • in place scanning of photo albums

  • Photo restoration

  • Colourization of black and white photos


Why digitize your family photos?

Your past is important you, but also to your other relatives. Your family photos and paperwork are important pieces of your family history.

Almost all types of photos are slowly degrading. By digitizing them you can protect them from further degradation or loss in the event of a disaster.

  • Photographs deteriorate with time, and are subject to damp and mold damage.

  • Colours shift and dyes fade.

  • Old photos are often thrown out by inheriting relatives or through over-eager de-cluttering.

  • Share photos with friends and family.


Photo Albums

To retain the context of an album, we can also photograph each page, this will show the arrangement of the photos and any notes, it will allow the album to be viewed as the original owner would have seen it.

For photos that cannot be removed or albums which cannot be fully opened, we have specialist scanners that can scan these pictures.


Photograph Colorization

Old blacks and white can be coloured, this is time consuming process. involving research of original colours, and hand colouring

The results can be spectacular. The image below is Fernhurst Post Office. (Click to view a larger version)  

Fernhurst Post Office, Colorized.jpg

The original photograph provided with kind permission of the  Fernhurst Archive

Scan Quality & Colour Calibration

Scans can be performed at various scan resolutions from 600dpi – 4800dpi.

Recommended scan resolutions

•600dpi prints

•3600dpi for 35mm negatives


Colour output of scanners and photographs is calibrated using colour targets to ensure accurate colour reproduction. We use high CRI studio lighting and lighting tables for photographic work which gives the most accurate colour rendition


Image Tagging

EXIF tags will allow the automatic display of title, description, date and location map on many photo sharing sites or viewing software.

Modern smart phones and cameras normally do include this automatically. However scans of old prints will not have EXIF information, which will need to be added manually.

Embedded tags will prevent information about the photo from being dissociated from it in the future as it is bound into the image file. Image tags can include descriptions, dates and locations

Negative Film & Slide Scanning

We have a specialized negative film scanners that can create high resolution digital images directly from the film negative.

The Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE is a 7200 dpi resolution scanner with state of the art illumination and optical systems designed to resolve very small differences in edge contrast. A built-in infrared channel can detect dust and scratches on the surface of the original negatives and slides. It is highly useful for defect removal without retouching the images.


Photo Enhancement & Restoration

We offer image enhancement or restoration services.

Image enhancement include will colour correction, white balance, contrast and brightness. The photo will contain all of the information as scanned. (Including damage)


Restoration will involve changing the image from the original scan (the original scan is always kept) this will remove distracting elements from the picture and can include:-

  • Removal of tears, scratches, dust and fold marks.

  • Repair of missing information

  • Reassembly of torn photo pieces

  • Recovery of sun faded pictures

  • Removal of people

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